Quinn’s Restaurant and Lounge

The Tour De Bubbles was told that “a must stop” was Quinn’s Restaurant & Lounge. This Boise institution has been in business for over 50 years, and is open 7 days a week.

We arrived around 10am and decided that the patio would be perfect.  The weather  has been hot, but the morning was still cool enough to be outside.

We sat down and saw “Free Mimosa!”  So of course, we ordered that.  Free means if you order two entrees, you would receive a full bottle champagne.   They brought out the bottle along with a carafe of orange juice.   If Mimosa is not your drink of choice (which makes no sense to me 😊), they have a liquor license and a full bar to order from.

We all ordered different things off the breakfast menu and we were very impressed with what we chose. The portions were a good size too.

I glanced at the Lunch & Dinner menu and there were a lot of things on that one that looked delicious.

Tour de Bubbles Summary:

Price: $15 to $25 range

Service:  The service was great!  Our mimosa glasses were never empty

Seating: tables for 4, 6, 8, full bar seating, and two patios

Crowds:  Not too busy when we were first there but was getting busier when we were leaving

Selection: Breakfast everyday… but Free Mimosa with Entrees only on Saturday and Sunday.  Lunch & Dinner also offered.

Loved that they have patio seating and of course the Free Mimosa!  Will definitely be back!